String floss can scrape away the stickiest plaque while the Waterpik follows behind and rinses it all away. A match no plaque can withstand…

The Waterpik versus flossing question seems to be a common one so let’s get right to it and discuss the differences of each.

A Waterpik water flosser is a great tool to clean your teeth with. It does an incredible job at removing food and debris from between your teeth, out from under permanent bridges and other dental work, and is especially effective at removing food from between braces.

If Waterpik is That Great Why do I Need String Floss?

However, string floss does excel in at least one area that the Waterpik cannot… String floss effectively scrapes plaque off your teeth while a water flosser simply rinses it away.

We all know how nasty and sticky plaque is and this is where string floss can assist in removing, or loosening, the stickiest bits.

But, what about those hard to reach places in your mouth? Jamming your hands in your mouth with string floss tied tightly around your fingers, painfully cutting off the circulation, attempting to get between teeth can be a frustrating and fruitless effort.

The Dental Dream Team

Why not team up traditional string floss with a Waterpik? A water flosser can easily reach into the darkest corners of your mouth, as most have a 360 degree rotating head, and wipe out the nasty bits between your teeth and gums.
String floss can scrape away the stickiest plaque while the Waterpik follows behind and rinses it all away. A match no plaque can withstand…

Can I Just Use a Water Flosser and Skip the String Floss?

Most people find string flossing to be an incredible pain and may not follow the strict daily routine their dentist recommends. Water flossing is certainly a great alternative to traditional flossing, so keep that in mind if you find string flossing to be too much of an issue.

If you find yourself skipping the floss most days then you can replace the string with a water flosser and see huge benefits in oral health over no flossing at all. Let’s take a look at the benefits of water flossing:

✅ Easy to use

✅ Can easily reach the deepest, darkest corners of your mouth

✅ Cleans under bridges and braces more effectively

✅ Multiple water pressure settings for thorough cleaning

✅ Specific water tips depending on the dental work you have

✅ Less violent than string floss on your gums

✅ Massages the gums to promote blood circulation and healthier gums

My Final Word

In closing I would like to say that I believe your best bet is a combination of traditional string flossing and water flossing. The Waterpik versus flossing battle should come to a peaceful resolution and work together in helping you achieve a healthier, cleaner mouth. There are clearly benefits to each side but if you are not big on flossing already you can make huge strides to improving your oral health by simply using a Waterpik. Start your path to a healthier, bright smile today.