Waterpik WP-72 Classic Professional Water Flosser

Product Name:WP-72 Classic Professional Water Flosser
Reservoir Size:35 fl oz
Pressure Settings:6
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For those who want a big brand countertop unit, the WP-72 is an even cheaper choice than the WP100W above. $45 gets you a larger 35 ounce reservoir, 360 degree tip rotation, and compatibility with select special purpose tips.

The WP100W does fall behind in some areas. Despite the larger reservoir, it has the same 90 second run time restriction. It comes with three tips- you can buy more, but you won’t have anywhere to store them on the unit.

The six pressure settings only go up to 90 PSI, and whilst that 10 PSI probably won’t make a difference to most, the lack of additional pressure settings could concern those with sensitivity or harder to clean areas. It does have a reservoir for medicaments that need to be delivered, and one of the tips included is usable for this purpose.That can be an extremely important feature for some.

This unit also lacks some of the bells and whistles of others, but it is still a solid choice. If you’re looking for something simple, easy to use, and under $50, the WP-72 might just be your best choice. The WP-72 comes in only white. Once again, I didn’t find any information on power usage, but I speculate it would be in line with most flossers.

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