Waterpik WP-560 Cordless Advanced Flosser

Product Name:WP-560 Cordless Advanced Flosser
Reservoir Size:7 fl oz
Pressure Settings:3
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The last Waterpik brand flosser in this list is also the most expensive of them all, with pricing upwards of $80 and close to $100. Spending that extra $30-50 dollars might be worth it if you like what this unit has to offer- and it has a lot of that.

A seven ounce reservoir built into the handheld unit gives 45 seconds of use before needing to be refilled. When in need of a charge, the handheld unit charges to 100% in just four hours with the included base.

Four tips are included, but only one can be stored on the unit at a time and it is compatible with many special purpose tips. Three pressure settings range from 45 to 75 PSI- a cordless unit won’t be as powerful as a plug-in countertop one.

The WP-560 has numerous features that countertop units won’t have- it is shower safe, ultra quiet, has LED indicators, and is universally compatible with the included travel plug. If you’re someone who travels a lot but wants to use more than just floss on the go, the WP-560 is a pricey but a capable choice of water flosser.

The WP-560 comes in white, black, blue, and orchid. It also includes a travel bag. For those who are concerned about power usage, I think the charge-as-needed capability might be preferable even if used only in the bathroom.

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