Water Flosser Matwave V-20B

Product Name:Water Flosser Matwave V-20B
Reservoir Size:30 fl oz
Pressure Settings:800-1600pulse/min
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If you’re just as tired of reading the word “Waterpik” as I am, the V-20B will be a welcome change. This unit has a sub-$50 price, making it another great budget choice.

A large 30 ounce reservoir will run until empty, with no restricted time use and protection against overheating. I didn’t find any information on the PSI of this unit, but it does have digital control of the pressure as well as pulsation.

Five tips are included, and I found that there is an alternative unit, the 20G model, that has storage inside for the tips. This unit will hold the tips on the back of the tank. T

he digital LED controls and display make the V-20B a unique unit, especially at this price point. If you want to try out a flosser from a smaller brand, but still want features and function, the V-20B is a fantastic option.

This unit come standard in a blue color. I found power information on this one- maximum consumption of 16W and it is advertised as an energy saving flosser.

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