Easyinsmile Oral Irrigator Water Flosser V300

Product Name:Oral Irrigator Water Flosser V300
Reservoir Size:-
Pressure Settings:10
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Perhaps the most mysterious of the bunch, the V300 has limited information published. From what I can see, it still looks like a safe and usable choice for those who wish to buy it. $60 on Amazon is lower than the MSRP of over $80, but it is just above the more budget-friendly options above.

PSI information is nonexistent, but I found that it does have ten settings. Capacity is not specified, but it has a run-time of 90 seconds.

Seven tips and a storage case are included with the V300. This unit might not have much publicity or information out there, but it comes from an established dental company. It seems to me like a middle-of-the-road water flosser, nothing special but also not lacking.

On Amazon, you will find it in a white color. Spend the extra on the company site, and you get red, black, and blue as well. Power consumption is 12W, even less than the ‘energy saving’ flosser above.

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