Most people have probably heard of the name Waterpik, even if they haven’t used the technology…

With so many genericized brand names, like Band-Aid and Kleenex, it’s easy to forget that other brands do actually exist. How many brands of bandages or facial tissue can you name off the top of your head? With a product such as a water flosser, something many people are not familiar with, this phenomenon has even more of an effect on the consumer.

Most people have probably heard of the name Waterpik, even if they haven’t used the technology. Ask someone what it’s called when something uses water to clean between your teeth and they will probably say Waterpik. Even the term “water pick” being used to refer to a water flosser might come from the genericized brand of Waterpik.

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There are countless other brands and manufacturers of water flossers, ones with dozens of features and ones much simpler. Having an unknown or lesser known name does not necessarily make them not as good as Waterpik.

Let’s compare and contrast two water flossers, one from Waterpik and another from an established but smaller brand, Hydrofloss. But before we square off Hydrofloss vs Waterpik, I’m going to generalize what you should be looking for in any brand of water flosser:

✅ Cost: Perhaps the most important factor. What you can afford will affect what you get. If you want portability or extensive features, expect a higher cost.

✅ Design: The size and form factor of a water flosser is obviously important. A family might want a countertop unit whilst a traveler might prefer a portable unit just for themselves.

✅ Pressure/Pressure Settings: Depending on your situation, you might not want or need ten pressure settings up to 100 PSI. Another person might need adjustable pressure to adapt to dental work or implants. This also ties into design… A countertop unit will usually have more power and settings than something portable.

Those are just some of the main things you should be looking at. Price will help you figure out if you really need a feature, design will remove choices that might not fit or work in your space, and the pressure will decide if the water flosser will work for what’s in your mouth. No matter what brand you’re looking at, look at those factors.

A brand other than Waterpik might be much more expensive, have a better or different design, and might have completely different settings and power in terms of pressure. These things might make a specific Waterpik model the completely incorrect choice.

There are other things that also should be looked at, regardless of brand:

✅ Interchangeable/Replaceable Tips: Waterpik has many specialized tips that are compatible across a number of models. A different brand might not have as many options, or might not have a tip that can be changed. This should be heavily considered if the flosser will be used by multiple people or someone with a special situation like braces or dental work, for example.

✅ Support/Customer Service: Even if nothing ever goes wrong, you still want the option of having support if needed. Look at the warranty and what kind of service is available… Will you be getting an outsourced call center or personal emails? Smaller companies usually have more intimate customer service, but big brands will try hard to keep their image as well.

Now that we’ve outlined some of what we should be looking at, let’s apply that to the two water flossers mentioned earlier:

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

This water flosser is from the well known (and genericized) brand of Waterpik. It costs about $50 for the base model and upwards of $80 for the water flosser and two extra tips. This means those tips cost about $15 extra, each.

The design is a normal countertop flosser with a 22 ounce reservoir. This capacity gives an operating time of about 90 seconds. The base model comes with six tips, and the tips are able to rotate, making it easier to reach different spots. Pressure ranges from 10 to 100 PSI, with ten unique settings.

Tips are interchangeable and replaceable, as are parts of the unit such as the hose and tip storage case. As for support and service, Waterpik offers a three year warranty. Waterpik can be reached by phone, email, and physical mail. They also offer educational information on oral health.

|Waterpik Reviews

Over 8,500 Amazon reviews give this flosser a rating of 4.5 stars. Users note how effective and easy to use the flosser is, but there exists some issues… Mold growth, the length of the hose, and noise. The vast majority of these reviews are from satisfied customers who use the product daily, despite the few who do note those problems. These issues might only be existent in a few specific units and yours may have no issue at all. The three year warranty should cover any issues as they happen.

Hydrofloss Oral Irrigator

This one costs $98 for a bundled combo with Sulcabrush and Pick-A-Dent. The reservoir is about 27 ounces, and the unit utilizes magnets to prevent bacterial growth.

This unit is much wider than the Waterpik, but that might fit a different space much more appropriately. Runtime is not specified. The four tips included are color coded, making this good for a family. They are normal jet tips while the Waterpik has different tips for different tasks.

The maximum pressure for the Hydrofloss is 60 PSI and they state this is the most effective and safe pressure, but it still much lower than the Waterpik. Pressure is adjustable with ten different settings. Tips are replaceable, with less options than that of Waterpik.

Support is similar… phone, email, and physical mail. There is a 60 day money back guarantee, and a one year warranty that can be extended. Hydrofloss also offers educational information.

|Hydrofloss Reviews

There are only 23 Amazon reviews for this flosser with an average of 4 stars. Some users note how their dentist specifically recommended this flosser. One user notes how the highest pressure is still very strong. The issues that are apparent for this flosser include the strength of the hose and the overall build quality of the unit. If you find issue with yours, there is that 60 day money back guarantee. Other issues might be covered under the warranty, which you can elect to extend.

Which Water Flosser Comes Out on Top?

The Waterpik is cheaper if you do not need the two extra tips right away, but the Hydrofloss bundle does have other dental tools bundled with it for an additional price…

Looking at these two water flossers, it is easy to see that they both have their ups and down. The Waterpik has many more reviews, a slightly better rating, and more options for tips. The problems that do exist for this unit might be enough to prevent you or someone else from purchasing it, but it does not mean every unit has those problems.

The same goes for the Hydrofloss… Some dentists have specifically recommended this flosser and many people love it, but there are still issues that few people have had.

The Waterpik is cheaper if you do not need the two extra tips right away, but the Hydrofloss bundle does have other dental tools bundled with it for an additional price, of course. It is apparent that the Hydrofloss is from a reliable and established company that just isn’t as well known as Waterpik, and that it is a great product for the majority of those who have used it. The Waterpik flosser sports a big name with big promises, but some users did find serious issues such as mold. Both have similar functions and settings, with similar support as well. The Waterpik warranty is longer, but you can extend the shorter warranty of the Hydrofloss if needed.

If I showed someone the names Waterpik and Hydrofloss and asked them to choose between the two, they’d probably choose Waterpik. Now that you have been presented information on both, you can make that decision for yourself on factors beyond name. Whichever way you go, water flossing is a great step towards better oral health.