Dentalski Professional Water Flosser Review

The Dentalski Professional Water Flosser DS-600w with Five Jet Tips sports an elegant and contemporary design that includes ten adjustable pressure settings, five jet tips, a two minute timer, thirty second pacer, water control on the handle, and one hundred and twenty seconds of reservoir capacity. The tips are 360 degrees rotational and the flosser comes with a bonus storage case for those tips.

Dentalski flosser prices tend to be very affordable and the DS-600w is no exception.

With comparable features to other big brands, such as Waterpik, the Dentalski Professional Water Flosser combines robust cleaning with ease of use. Haven’t used a water flosser before? No problem, check out this how-to article for the easy steps involved.

Dentalski Professional Water Flosser Features

 10 pressure settings

 5 water tips

 Water control on the handle

 2-minute timer

 30-second pacer

 120 seconds of reservoir capacity

 1 bonus convenient storage case

 1-year warranty

How the Dentalksi DS-600w Improves Your Oral Health

Cleaning those hard-to-reach places in your mouth can prove to be difficult with a toothbrush and string floss… This is where a water flosser really shines

The DS-600w is incredibly effective at removing plaque from your teeth. In fact, it removes 99.9% of plaque from the areas you treat with this water flosser. This means you get healthier gums and healthier teeth. Water flossing in general is 50% more effective than string floss and is a better choice for dental work such as implants or braces.

If you do have dental work you could benefit greatly from the Dentalksi Professional Water Flosser. It is up to two times as effective at improving your gum health around those implants versus string floss and up to three times as effective at removing plaque around braces. Keep in mind that some units come with special jet tips designed for use with braces and implants while other times you will need to purchase those tips separately.

Cleaning those hard-to-reach places in your mouth can prove to be difficult with a toothbrush and string floss… This is where a water flosser really shines. Deep cleaning and debris removal in the back of the mouth, where we do the majority of our chewing, becomes a much easier task with the Dentalksi water flosser. 360 degree rotational tips ensure that you don’t have to twist and wrench your hands into your mouth all while cutting off blood circulation to your fingers from string floss. The pressure of the water will clean deep below the gumline where string floss and brushing just cannot reach.

The pressure of the water also massages and stimulates your gums which promotes enhanced blood circulation and a healthier gumline. This leaves your mouth feeling cleaner, fresher, and in better overall health.

What are Other Customers Saying About the Dentalski Professional Water Flosser?

Taking a look at Amazon reveals a strong confidence in this product. 4.8 out of 5 stars with 120 total reviews at the time of this writing. That’s a strong score!

With so many positive reviews it’s hard to find a significant con… The most common negative I see listed for this device is the noise level. If you plan on using this water flosser late at night, or early in the morning, be sure to close the bathroom door as to not wake up your house mates.

For the positives? Well, there are a lot.

  • Lightweight
  • Nice design
  • Compact
  • Easy to refill
  • Good price
  • Easy to use
  • Great pressure settings

The positive list could go on for days it seems as the customer base really seems to like this unit.

With that being said, my final conclusion is that the Dentalski Professional Water Flosser DS-600w with Five Jet Tips is a great product at a great price that does what it says (and does it effectively). For more information on this product, head over to Amazon.


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