The Quick Guide to the Best Oral Irrigator and More Oral Irrigator Reviews

Let me jump right in to this and show you which flosser is the best oral irrigator. Below I have compiled a few oral irrigator reviews to show you, at a quick glance, what features you should be aware of and what to consider when purchasing your next irrigator. Without further ado…

Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator with High Capacity Water Tank by ToiletTree Products (TTP-Pro2000w)

This irrigator was designed by a company called ToiletTree Products. Interesting name and a great product with thousands of positive reviews on Amazon.

It features a quiet motor, great for early morning and late night flossing, with an easy fill water tank and tip release button. If your teeth and gums require a more gentle, or aggressive, floss then be sure to note the three operating modes of normal, soft, and pulse (more info on these modes below). Two color coded tips are included with this irrigator in case you have another person who would also like to use the device and you can choose a design in black or white.

Are you in need of an oral irrigator that can travel abroad with you as well? Fear not, as the TTP-Pro2000w supports universal voltage: 240V~50/60Hz. The newest version of this model boasts lithium ion batteries for a longer lasting, better quality charge.

The cherry on top is the entire flosser is BPA-free and approved by the FDA. No need to worry about harmful toxins.

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A Quick Review of the TTP-Pro2000w Oral Irrigator Top Features

✅ Cost: Currently around the $40 price range, with free shipping includedbest oral irrigator

✅  Operating Modes: 

Normal Mode:   60psi – Runs for about 60-65 seconds
Soft Mode:          40 psi – 
Runs for about 70-75 seconds
Pulse Mose:        80 psi – 
Runs for about 75-80 seconds

✅ Quiet Motor: Redesigned motor that is 68% quieter

✅ Easy Fill Reservoir: No hassle to fill this irrigator with water

✅  Lithium Ion Batteries: Longer lasting charge with these upgraded batteries

✅ Universal Voltage: Take this irrigator anywhere in the world

✅ Tip Release: This button makes removing the tip super easy


What the Consumers are Saying – Is This Really the Best Oral Irrigator?

Outstanding product and even better customer service & follow-up from ToiletTree!

When it comes to product reviews we all know that Amazon is the king. If you ever want some brutal honesty just head over to Amazon and read up on this ToiletTree oral irrigator. Here’s a quick summary of what the reviews had to say…

At the time of this writing there are 5,801 reviews that average to four out of five stars. That is an incredible endorsement from the general public! As far as results and service from ToiletTree the consensus is that they are both excellent. One user said “Outstanding product and even better customer service & follow-up from ToiletTree!”.

Another user noted that his device stopped working after six months. He called ToiletTree and, with no questions asked, they sent him a brand new device at no cost to him. No shipping, no handling, no taxes. That’s solid customer service.


Where Can I Find More Information on the ToiletTree TTP-Pro2000w Oral Irrigator?

Suffice to say, ToiletTree appears to be a great company with a great product. The customers spoke and the company listened. Customers asked for a quieter motor, better battery life, easier to fill water tank, and easier to remove tips… All of those demands were met in the updated, version 2, TTP-Pro2000w.

If you’d like to get more information, including current pricing and free shipping, head here: ►Get more product info, price, and reviews here◄